April 2014: Version 14.04 released

New release of changes that have been in svn for a while see changelog for features improvements

13th August 2012: Version 12.08 released

Long time, no release....
I'm pleased to announce a new release which is generally a tidy up plus a few new features:
- LICENSE CHANGED: Now licensed under a more liberal MIT License.
- Changes to engines to allow embedding an engine in host applications using any of the supported GUI toolkits.
- Improved installation script adding PTK menu item.
- New toolbars implemented should give better macos support and dropdown menu items.
- Added engine control menus (right click on engine tab) including kill engine, and rename.
- Added ctrl+enter to enter multi-line commands
- Added run script options:
- run in current engine
- run in new engine
- run as external process including a new script console to redirect stdIO from the new process and hyperlinks to source files on exceptions.
Hopefully future releases will be more forthcoming...

4th April 2011: Version 11.04 released

New integrated debugger. Keyboard interupt to stop runing code. Added PySide (Qt4) engine.

31st October 2010: Version 10.10 released

Bug fixes.
New python Importer/Exporter system.

20th July 2010: Version 10.07 released

New Engines added allowing interactive use of pyGTK and pyQt4.
Editor: Recent document list added.

30th April 2010: Version 10.04 released

New improved Inpsector tool.
New improved calltips: - scrollable for long tips.
New Engine added: allowing interactive use of the Tkinter module.

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